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Five Ways To Reduce Snoring Naturally

According to the National Sleep Foundation, over 37 million Americans are affected by snoring on a regular basis, and 90 million American adults have experienced it at some point in their lives. When you consider just how widespread this condition is, it’s no wonder people are looking for natural remedies for snoring.

While there are options available such as surgeries, expensive mouth guards, and medication, most of us nowadays look for natural ways to relieve our sleeping issues. There are exercises for snoring, natural oils, and a whole range of simple and affordable aids we can use.

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We’ve found the top five ways to reduce snoring naturally and without resorting to medication or surgery, and they’re all extremely affordable to the everyday person. If you or someone you know is suffering from snoring and yearning for a good night’s rest, these could provide the solution they’ve been looking for.

Snoring Chin Straps

If you’re the type of snorer who does so through their mouth, a snoring chin strap might be the ideal product for you. These simple devices fit over your head and jaw to keep your mouth closed and in perfect alignment. This reduces the likelihood of snoring and is great for people who have a problem wearing a mouthpiece.

To try out a mouthpiece, look for one that is made with a breathable and comfortable fabric to reduce irritation. Some come in different sizes and others have an adjustable strap, with either being effective provided they come in the right size for your jaw and head.

Pillows For Snoring

Since snoring has a lot to do with angles and where our heads are positioned, it might be comforting to know you can get relief without wearing straps or mouthpieces. These angled wedge pillows are usually made from memory foam and work just like a mattress for snoring in that they keep you in the ideal position to stop air obstructions.

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An added bonus to these pillows is that they’re great at relieving a whole range of health issues on top of snoring, so if you suffer from anyone else you can get relief for more than just one thing. Neck and back pain, reflux, GERD, and even pregnancy discomfort can all be solved with pillows for snoring.

Snoring Mouth Guards

A popular choice for those who snore and suffer from teeth grinding at night, snoring mouth guards are an effective and instant relief. While it is possible to spend a few thousand dollars at the dentist and have one professional fitted to your mouth, the new range of mouth guards available online are easy to fit yourself and just a fraction of the price.

The snore relief mouth piece can be molded to your jaw and allow you to keep your mouth at the ideal angle to stop snoring. In addition, they protect your jaw from bruxism so it tackles more than just one problem at once. These products might not suit people who have a problem wearing a mouth guard, as it can take some getting used to for some to sleep with it in.

Improved Health For Snoring

Snore prevention through improved health is one of the easiest ways we can ease this condition. While there are many great products available, they work best when we make lifestyle changes necessary to reduce snoring too. Studies have found that gaining weight is one of the easiest ways we can begin snoring, so if this applies to you then some gentle exercise and healthier food choices can go a long way.

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Another simple way to prevent snoring is avoiding alcohol up to five hours before bed. While it might be tempting to have a glass of wine with dinner or a nightcap to help you fall asleep, this is actually causing your muscles to react differently and increasing the likelihood of snoring.

Oils For Snoring

These days it seems there’s an essential oil out there to cure everything, and this might just be the case for snoring too. For those who suffer from snoring at night, you can possibly find relief by burning some essential oils using a burner in your room before you drift off to sleep.

Popular oils known to help reduce snoring include sage, lavender, marjoram, and pine, however, there are many more available too. Using oils can be another matter of trial and error as you find one that it’s enjoyable to smell and will help relax you before bedtime. These can reduce inflammation that commonly causes snoring, and bring you a restful sleep too.

The Verdict

Considering how many millions of Americans suffer from snoring, it’s no wonder that people are seeking out natural ways to cure it. Rather than reaching for medication for snoring or forking out thousands for the hope that you can get some relief, it’s great to know that there are effective natural remedies.

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Of all of the snoring aids that work, there’s never going to be one cure all answer that works for everyone. Just as we are all unique, so too is the way we snore and the reasons behind why we do it. If you’re questioning does my snoring solution work as well as the next possibility, you might find that there’s a bit of trial and error that comes along with it.

The best approach is to start with one product, such as a chin strap or snore stop sprays, and see how effective it is for you. Find out what you did and didn’t like and use this knowledge to find the next best remedy. You might find that it works perfectly, and in which case you’ll be pleased to know you solved your snoring problems without resorting to anything expensive or potentially harmful.

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