Intelliguard Pro Mouthpiece Night Guard

Intelliguard Pro Mouthpiece Night Guard

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning with an aching, sore mouth and a pounding headache. Even if you don’t realize you’ve been doing it, you’ve likely been grinding your teeth all night long and putting your body through stress. For those that do know, you could be finding it hard to get a decent sleep with all the tension occurring in your jaw and possible snoring that comes with it.

For those on the other side of the bed, there’s nothing quite like the sound of someone grinding their teeth or snoring next to you all night long, and sometimes being the partner of a teeth grinder can be worse than the actual victim themselves. Either way, you’re likely both searching for some relief and don’t know where to look.

Intelliguard Pro Mouthpiece Adjustable Night Guard Bruxism Sleep Aid In Box

What if there was a product that could protect your teeth from the symptoms of bruxism and snoring, and give you and your loved ones a peaceful and quiet rest?

The Intelliguard Pro Mouthpiece Night Guard is exactly that product and will revolutionize the way you sleep at night. All it takes is one simple application and you’re tension and pain-free for the rest of the evening.

About The Product

If you’ve shopped around before for a night mouth guard, you might recognize the Intelliguard Pro name. This brand is well known for creating mouth guards and protection that you can wear at night, to prevent yourself from tension, pain, and injury that comes from bruxism.

As an astonishing amount of Americans suffer from this often undiagnosed condition, it’s great to have a brand such as this dedicated to caring for your health.

Although there are many of these night mouth guards on the market, few are as feature packed as the Intelliguard Pro Mouthpiece Night Guard. This unique device features:

  • Automold ability which forms exactly to the shape of your mouth once you’ve boiled it in water;
  • Precision lock technology which locks the mouthpiece in place where you wish;
  • A clear measurement reading allowing you to calibrate the mouthpiece to your ideal setting;
  • Unique design which prevents you from grinding your teeth at night;
  • Smaller size compared to competing brand for a more comfortable fit in your mouth;

This mouth guard is ideal for those who suffer from bruxism, or the uncontrollable and unknown grinding of teeth in your sleep, as well as snorers. If you’re affected by it personally you’ll understand the tension and pain it can cause you, and if you sleep next to someone with this condition you’ll be kept awake all night from the sound.

Intelliguard Pro Mouthpiece Adjustable Night Guard Bruxism Sleep Aid In Hand Side View

Just this one product can solve all of your nighttime worries and give you a satisfied sleep.

The Good And The Bad

The Intelliguard Pro Mouthpiece Adjustable Night Guard is an exceptional alternative to the more expensive dentist crafted mouth guards and offers a lot for its small price. However, because it’s one of the budget-friendly accessories for treating this condition, you can expect it to be a little hard at first. Once used to it, though, you’ll find that you sleep soundly.

The best thing about the Intelliguard Pro Mouthpiece was how easy it was to mold, as you simply dip it into boiling water to make it flexible and then fit it to your mouth. Once done, there’s no need to reset unless you feel it’s become uncomfortable. There are even small holes within for air so you don’t need to try and do any tricky breathing while it’s in.

Because this mouth guard is so flexible, it can even be used with other dental work you might have. Those who have braces or Invisalign will find it completely comfortable as it molds exactly to your mouth. Once they’re out, you can change the mold to suit your new shape without having to pay for a whole new mouth guard.

For snorers or those who sleep next to them, you’ll be happy to know that the Intelliguard Pro is also useful at stopping this ailment too. Many users have remarked that their snoring stopped completely when using the mouth guard, along with giving them huge relief from grinding their teeth and clenching their jaw through the night.

Buying Advice

If you’ve decided to put an end to your bad night’s sleep and all-day headache, you’ll be glad to know that there are some great deals online for the Intelliguard Pro Night Mouth Guard. When you purchase this mouthguard through Amazon, you’ll pay just over $70 for it. You’ll also receive free shipping with this purchase, and when you select Two-Day Shipping through Amazon you can start using it even sooner.

For those who like to leave their own reviews, you’ll be happy to know that Intelliguard Pro offer Amazon users the chance to get a free mouth guard after their purchase just by leaving some feedback themselves. If you have the time and enjoy the product, this can be a great way to earn a spare on for yourself or for a friend.

To get an even better night’s sleep, why no purchase some nose vents as well so that you can tackle all of your night time woes at once. With the snoring reduction you’ll get from the Intelliguard Pro Night Mouth Guard as well as a nose vent, you’ll have the quietest sleep of your life.

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Final Thoughts

When you’ve finally had enough of your bruxism problem and want to say goodbye to the rough sleep and day long tension headaches, you really can’t go past the Intelliguard Pro Night Mouth Guard. This one product can completely change your quality of sleep, and make it more peaceful for your family too.

Purchase your Intelliguard Pro Mouthpiece Adjustable Night Guard, and be grateful that you no longer have to lose sleep over this common yet undiagnosed health problem. Your teeth and your partner will thank you for it.

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